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I want to share my story of my awakening and how my life changed when I made the decision to turn inward and listen to my heart.  I was married and raising my children, working and going through the motions.  For quite a few years my marriage was broken and I was broken.  But I continually ignored my feelings and just kept going.

On my 50th birthday everything changed as I experienced an awakening. I had encephalitis and went into a coma.  I was out for 48 hours. I survived and realized that  experience was a message.  I then did the hard work of healing my heart, finding my hidden gifts, learning about our world and what I can offer.  All of this personal work and growth led me to realize that my life’s purpose is to help others.

What I wish for you is that you learn to quiet the noise so you can hear what your heart is telling you. Follow your heart and your path will become clear.





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