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My Awakening

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

I want to share my story of my awakening and how my life changed when I made the decision to turn inward and listen to my heart. I was married and raising my children, working and going through the motions. For quite a few years my marriage was broken and I was broken. But I continually ignored my feelings and just kept going. I told myself that I had made this life decision and I should honor it, but by disregarding my inner feelings I was really telling myself that I wasn’t worthy. So I just kept living my life while carrying around my heavy sad heart.

It all changed on my 50th birthday. I wasn’t feeling well and I knew this was something very different that was going on in my body. I went to the emergency room, they couldn’t identify anything. They wanted to send me home but for once I was paying attention to my feelings and I said no something is wrong. They admitted me to the hospital. That night I became even more ill and went into a coma. I was diagnosed with encephalitis. The doctors said they were uncertain what would happen. This went on for 48 hours and then I returned.

The significance of this happening on my 50th birthday was not lost on me. I believe God was sending me the message of “wake up, either you die with a broken heart or you move forward and live the life that you are meant to live.

Before I left the hospital I knew that my life had to change. I knew that I needed to listen to my intuition which had been whispering to me for a very long time. When you quiet your inner voice you are telling yourself that you aren’t worthy I promised myself that from that day forward I would honor my feelings, I would listen to my intuition, I would dig deep and find my hidden gifts, I would learn as much as could about living a just life and most importantly how to move through my life with grace.

From that day forward I did the hard work of healing my heart, finding my hidden gifts, learning about our world and what I can offer. All of this personal work and growth led me to realize that my life’s purpose is to help others. I have a strong pull to help women. I feel that most women give so much of themselves that they get lost. I want you to know that we can still be women of beauty, kindness, and caring while honoring and loving ourselves. I feel driven to help women recognize their gifts, understand their inner voice is wise and help women to live their best lives. Women are special beings.

What I wish for you is that you learn to quiet the noise so you can hear what your heart is telling you. Follow your heart and your path will become clear.

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