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Manifest Your Dreams

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

I am sure at some point you have heard the reference of manifest your dreams. Some people may think that it is as easy as put a wish out to the universe and it comes back to you. It isn’t that simple because it requires some clarification and dream development before you send it out there. If you have a dream to put it in motion first you need to have clarity. You need to be specific as to what this looks like. It requires visualization. Once you have that visual picture then you sit and let it pour over you then what does it feel like. So, it’s not just seeing it but also very importantly is feel it. What does it feel like to have this dream come true. Use language as if it already has arrived. I feel ____, I am _____. Use language that indicates it is already part of your life.

Once you have developed clarity, you see it and you feel it you can release it to the world. But of course, you don’t just sit there and think it is going to drop in your lap. Now you need to be alert and aware of little pieces of the dream arriving to you. Things may come your way that will help you fulfill your dream but often taking action is part of it. So be aware and ready to act when the key opportunities come to your door.

I want you to know that we are all creators of our life if we believe or not. What we think and feel comes into our life. I recommend being an aware and active creator. Take control since life, being a conscious creator is better than being an unconscious creator.

What I want for you is for you to create the life you were meant to live. You came into this world with gifts that were meant to be shared, it’s time to live it.

Listen to your heart, find your gifts and build the life that brings joy your way.

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